Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Parting Shots

A neighbor with a sermon on a shirt

Saying good-bye to my good friends at the tailoring shop.

Our last time meeting the missionaries at the port, including a new sister from Pakistan.

Getting the rice starts ready to plant.  It takes 100 days from planting to harvest.

Our last day at the Calapan branch.  Heartfelt love and good-byes.  We will miss our special friend Nephi with Elder Bellessa.

Saying good-bye to Sir Roger, the best hair stylist in Calapan.  P150 ($3 US) includes shampoo, haircut,  with an assistant standing by to brush off any cut hair, a shoulder massage and after cut wash out .

Last visit to the Lazareto Elementary School.  We were surrounded by children giving us  the "bless, respect"  gesture of bowing their head and taking our hand to their forehead. 

A unique window covering with umbrellas of many colors.

Since we've been here we've seen a new mall rise a short distance from our home.  It is fascinating to see the process of building.  It is done mostly by hand.  There are probably 40 or 50 workers at work passing along buckets of concrete one by one.  They have a line that goes down three stories of stairs to the cement mixer.  Video

Many workers at the Provincial Capital. 

The Christmas tree from our last blog gets more adornment each time we pass.  It is surrounded by beautifully wrapped boxes and stars that have a light behind each one to shine at night.

Each classroom made a star using bamboo, pop bottles, plastic spoons, straws and other found objects.

Downtown Calapan is covered with festive banners celebrating the Christmas season.  Video

Mangyan boy with his puppy

Hitching a ride through town.  These little children walk miles and miles with bare feet.

Hanging out with a bunch of clowns.  Preaching the good word.

Last time we pass this at the port.

Last breakfast at the Filipianna Hotel where we've been staying while we ready our apartment for the next couple coming.

As we make our way off the island we pass "Monte Maria"  which is in the process of being completed.  It is taller than the  Statue of Liberty.  Sadly, like many things (Kentucky Fried Chicken on Rizal St.), We won't by here to see them completed.  

Depiction of Monte Maria

Farewell Calapan!  Thanks for the wonderful memories .

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