Sunday, November 5, 2017

To Keep in Remembrance

Sister Bellessa has a ghost like quality since she is so white and pale next to these beautiful sisters.

Always such beautiful sunsets.  They only last a few minutes and then night time comes quickly.

Many Filipinos drink water from the neighborhood well and it is these children's job to bring it home.

We were able to find a much bigger, nicer apartment for the sisters.  We had members and one investigator help us clean the old apartment.  The zone leaders came with their van and along with Elder Bellessa did most of the heavy moving.  A hot sweaty, tiring day.

A family from the branch

Rather than being buried, the dead are placed in tombs.

This week there were three holidays, All Saints Day, All Souls Day and Halloween.  It is a time when families come back to their provinces and have family reunions.  They take flowers to the cemeteries and celebrate together.  There are flower vendors all over the city.  It is more of a religious time, not so many ghouls and goblins which is a good thing.

Waiting for a Haircut  P100 which is $2

When we stopped at the gate of the Pola Elder's apartment these young boys were sitting on the ground singing.  There were three but as we brought out the camera to make a video one ran away and the others became quite shy but managed to finish their song.VIDEO

The patron saint of Pola is John the Baptist

A full life depiction of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus.

We're going to miss the big event of seeing Colonel Sanders come to Calapan.

Another Beautiful Sunset


  1. Steven misses those haircuts with the head rub downs after

  2. You guys must be having a lot of fun there,Shanghai is already on my bucket list,it is such an amazing place to go.