Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Almost Gone

We are fast approaching the end of our mission.  We take with us the love and admiration we feel for the powerful missionaries, the Filipino people and faithful members.   We admire their resilience, their kindness, their patience, their courage and generosity.  We have been richly blessed for any service we have given.

It is always so fun to see missionaries we have worked with when we go to zone conference.  Elder Vave is a selfie expert.

You wouldn't see this in the U.S. grocery stores

 Full walking gear: (not always worn) Long sleeves, scarf to cover neck that also serves to wipe sweat and catch what drips down the back.  Sunblock, hat and a face mask (Hello Kitty with American flag) to protect from fumes, glasses to keep dust from getting in the eyes, name tag with phone number on the back to call in case of emergency.  Not shown: umbrella to give shade and protection from frequent torrential downpours.  

Saturday morning playtime at the beach

We had the opportunity to be with the other senior couples for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at the mission home.  On our way we stopped for a Whopper at Burger King which is a happy time for Elder Bellessa.  We hear there is now a Burger King in Heber Valley.

Another interesting discovery at the grocery store.  Small print on the box says, "Stay Young, Stay White".

We attended the Miss Mindoro pageant which was a very interesting cultural event.  Pageants are huge here.  As we entered the arena with about five thousand people, we were given the VIP treatment of being seated right next to the runway.  It had amazing staging and outfits, dancing and music.  It lasted four hours with no air-conditioning.  We left after two hours but we were told it was broadcast live on Facebook so everyone could see it.  Each community came to cheer on their contestant.  It was very loud and raucous. Amazing Costumes

We left after the bathing suit competition.  We heard later that Miss Naujan was the winner.

A few days later Sister Bellessa was asked to judge a pageant put on by the district Young Women leaders.  A very different experience but well done and fun.

T-Shirt Sermon at the mall

The Sosa family we home taught and love.

This was one of the most interesting Christmas trees we've seen so far.  It is made from discarded tables, chairs and stools. Nothing goes to waste and is used with amazing creativity.

Three siblings from a part member family just baptized.

District meeting birthday party for Elder Lemalu

Outside of Pinamalayan there is an artist who makes all kinds of interesting things from worn out tires.  You can see the ducks drinking from the sunflower fountain.

Tables and chairs

He tried to sell us this incredible rooster.  We had to tell him it wouldn't fit in our suitcase.

Scary looking alligator

Because we are leaving we have received kind tokens of love from the missionaries

Surprise notes from each of the 16 missionaries from the Mindoro Zone.

Rice harvest is over.  Time to plant anew.  Symbolic of the end of our mission.

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  1. I love all of the pictures, Thank you so much for sharing i have always loved reading your posts,Great job and well done.Keep it up!