Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Getting Nostalgic

We are going to miss these beautiful sights.

Banana Man

Property Manager of Sister's Apartment

These are the stores where used clothing is sold.  There are many around the city.  Most everything comes from U.S. thrift stores from merchandise that didn't sell.  If an item doesn't sell here it is sent to workers who save buttons, zippers or anything useful from the garment and the fabric is reused as much as possible to sew "new" items.

Family Owned Ukay Ukay Store

Ladies Who Run the Ukay Ukay Store Beneath Our Apartment

Christmas Lanterns

Lots of Beautiful Color

Nap Time:  Workers begin their day by 6AM so around noon they find a place for their hammocks and take a rest.  This is on the main road into Calapan.  One day as we were driving through a jungle area there were many workers in their hammocks hanging from the palm trees.  They looked like low hanging fruit.

Sunset on the Calapan River

Sweet Mangyan Lola (grandmother) She is from an indigenous tribe that comes down from the mountains at Christmas time.

She is watching as her family takes turns getting a bath.

We were the only people in the theatre to watch a first run movie.  Our own private screening room.

Getting the Camera Timer to Work

Sitting down and Smiling in Time

The Young Single Adults are the backbone of the church on Mindoro.

Parked in Front of Our Home Today


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