Friday, September 8, 2017

Happy Mission News

A mission miracle is having the Stratfords from NYC come half a world away to visit us in Calapan City. It was very hot on this day as you might be able to tell from looking at Elder Bellessa.

Crossing the ocean bringing the Stratfords to Mindoro.

After taking an urban hike around Calapan we drove to Puerto Galera.

We didn't stay at the Infinity Resort

but we had dinner there to replicate one we had with the Barkers during their visit in March.

Zone conference visit to show off our wonderful missionaries.

Selfie by a selfie expert.

Walking the Beach


After five glorious days, off they go to Manila, China and home.

Christmas season starts September 1st

Out come the ski hats and sweaters to ward off the chilly 85 degree temperature.

Sweet Spirit of the Mission VIDEO

Colorful homes abound.

Outside of Socorro

The front gate of the Pola elder's apartment has this beautiful plant that is ever blooming.

You don't want your photo on this poster.  It is displayed prominently in each town square.  It is possible, with the approval of some government officials,   for citizens to render punishment and judgement without due process on those who are "wanted"

We had a medical emergency with one of the sisters who was rushed to the hospital and admitted.  We're happy to say she is back at her apartment and doing well.  We were impressed with the hospital and care she received.  This statue was a good reminder to all who enter.

Church Ball is a very serious event.  Basketball is the favorite sport.

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  1. they all look really happy going through these activities. these are also quite new to me as i read them but equally fun i am sure. keep us updated with more like this