Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Brrr Months and Love From Home

The last care package just arrived!  We've been lovingly looked after and supported our whole mission by our families.  Lots of goodies, letters, artwork and personal care items.  Also sent was another very large box of books to share with local schools and the town library.  Happiness all around.  We made small bags of goodies to share with the missionaries which were  quickly consumed.

 We have entered what the Filipinos call "The Brrr Months" When the temperature gets into the 80's it is considered time to wear sweaters, jackets and ski hats.   Sister Bellessa loves to walk in the cooler weather and take photos of the locals.  The best part of taking the photos is when she goes back with a print for them to keep.  This lady selling fish jumped up and down and ran around showing it to anyone who would look. \

Working in the Garden

Wash Day

The result of this washing method is pretty amazing.  No matter the living conditions, clothing is beautifully cleaned and stain free.

Seeing the bright colors of the hanging wash is a sight to see.

There were two birthdays to celebrate this month.  For district meeting we brought a rainbow cake with chocolate icing which was a big treat.

Sisters Walking in the Rain

Caribou taking a good rest after a long day working in the rice fields.

 The Primary Children of the Calapan Branch.  

The Primary room is right next to where Relief Society is held so we can hear their sweet songs while we have our lessons. VIDEO

Our Sentiments Exactly

Family Unity Month is a national holiday.  The whole month is a time to honor families and to celebrate with activities and parades.  We wish our country had something like this.

Family Unity Month Parade VIDEO

Here are the ecological partners who care for each other.  The bird perches on the back and eats insects that bother the cow. 

 Calapan Branch Family Unity Activity


Shared Talent VIDEO

Tri-zone conference in Lipa is always a treat because we are able to see missionaries we've worked with in the past.  This is a photo of our present zone along with President and Sister Davies.  We sure love being with and knowing these people!

Senior Couples Dinner

Wondering if there is more going on here than we know. 

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