Monday, July 31, 2017

Cuteness Alert!

During Sister Bellessa's walk about this morning she encountered these children getting ready to parade around their neighborhood.  Their costumes were made from local produce.  Cuteness overload!

A crown of beans and greenery.

Here is a watermelon hat with lime and salad greens.  (He doesn't look too happy.)  The little girl is carrying string beans (which grow really long) as a scepter with a cabbage skirt.

Flowers, corn husks, corn and beans

Carrots, lime, white radish, peppers and dried spice plants

Tomatoes, beans, squash, and cabbage

Cabbage, carrots, peppers, beans and salad greens.

Pineapple crown, avocado and lime necklace.  String beans and banana leaves.

This sign shows the state of employment in the Philippines.  Many people work abroad and are away from their families for years at a time.  The economy depends on the money sent home from other countries.

As Sister Bellessa walks about she has made some special friends.  Tess (to her left) has become someone she greets and visits with when she goes by.  She works sewing at her machine by 6:30 AM and hardly looks up until 6:30 PM when it gets dark.  She has mentioned her daughter, so Sister Bellessa dropped by a little headband for her last week but come to find out her daughter is seventeen not three like she thought.  Tess looks like she is seventeen.  The others in the photo are "boarding mates."  They are paying money to sleep in this one small space

Sweet Sisters

Neighbor Cow

Street Art

Lobster Street Vendor

Mangyan Family

Roadside Bathing

There are always interesting sights to see.  This whole roof is a religious art piece.

Transfer days are here again.  Goodbye to some and welcoming others.  We neglected to give Ronald McDonald a copy of the Book of time.

McDonald's Grimace was after me but he gave me the traditional hand to forehead sign of respect.

Our favorite beach day is a baptism.  This is in Pinamalayan

Seven baptisms in our zone this last week.


  1. The photos you have posted was great! This made me happy. :)

  2. The little costumes are so cute, and creative. We miss being there with you! (Amy, not Ella, but I don't know how to change the name.)