Friday, June 9, 2017

Rain, Rain Go Away

It is now the rainy season!  When it rains it pours..buckets, cats and dogs!  There is thunder and lightening.  The streets become rivers and it is kind of exciting.  It has been so hot lately it has been hard to be out for daily walks.   We've been told it will cool down when the rains come and here it is!  VIDEO

A local dress shop claiming to be in all the best cities of the world.

McDonald trainees starting young.

If you come visit we will take you to Infinity Farm which defies photographs in beauty.  The first time we went they were working on this beautiful art piece.  We recently took President and Sister Mangum and saw it completed. VIDEO

Planting time again.  VIDEO

We are used to seeing T-shirts with what we call T-shirt sermons.  

School just started back in session.  With the remaining money that Amy and her family left we were able to buy school supplies and backpacks for two schools.  Happy day for us and the schools thanks to the Barker family.

Delivering Supplies.

Funerals are quite a production.  Many times there will be a line of vehicles a mile long of respectful neighbors and friends.  A poster is made and placed at the family residence so you know when you drive by who has died.  In the smaller towns we have seen long processions of people with T-shirts displaying  a photo of the deceased.  There are always lots of balloons and a gathering afterwards.

Funeral Procession

These are the fancy hearses

We can think of more respectful ways to use our flag.

We attended a very successful district youth conference.  President Mangum was persuaded to not dance, but to pose as though he was dancing.  The youth have posted it all over the internet.  The three day event was well organized with over 100 youth and leaders.  There is amazing strength in the generation coming up.

Sister Bellessa was part of this group planning how to depict a teaching topic.

President and Sister Mangum came for their last zone conference with us.  They will be leaving to go home in less than a month.  They have been here for three years.  I'm sure they are happy/sad/busy and ready to see their families.  We sure love them and our missionaries!

Another use for plastic stacking chairs and tall elders as we attempt to turn on much needed air conditioning.

Here is an artist's depiction of Elder and Sister Bellessa "gathering". ( a picture of a picture of the painting). The painter is Roger DeGuzman who is a bishop in San Pablo.

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