Monday, June 19, 2017

NBA Finals, Intrepid Travelers, Mission Joy

We've seen these signs wherever we've gone but only recently realized that we can cut to the front of any line.  Even so, we are reluctant  since we aren't as old as it shows on the sign.  Once in awhile it is a great boon as it saves us from sitting for hours.

Elder Bellessa applied for his driver's license but was told he needed to get clearance from an eye doctor.  We thought this was an interesting combination of services.

This poster was on the window as we entered  the clinic.  We're wondering how they do this.

Amy took some wonderful photos while she was here in March.

Beautiful Smile!

"Pogi" boys on the street.  We get the sign under the chin quite often so we asked what it meant, thinking it looked like a gang sign.  It actually means "I am pogi" which means, "I am cute".

Hard working sisters the day the rain came down.

NBA madness.  As I walked through town it seemed as though almost every business had a TV going with the NBA finals.  Young men mainly wear basketball clothing and everyone seems to be up on all the teams and players.

We are traveling like locals.  We are slowly getting the hang of travel to Manila since Sister Bellessa goes every few months for eye treatments.  Since we're not fond of driving in Manila traffic we've begun leaving the car at home, going to the port on a tricycle then walking onto the boat.  At the Batangas pier we catch a bus that takes us to an area not far from the Manila temple where we get a taxi to the Missionary Recovery Center.  We are taken to appointments by the MRC but taxi back.  We get lots of looks from the locals since there are few old white people as brave as us.

Being in Manila means checking out the pearl market.

The market is mostly, if not all, run by Muslim families who come from the  pearl area of Mindanao.

You never know who you will run into on the streets.

 Going back to the Batangas pier we were delighted to see the NBA Finals on the bus.

Another boat passenger waiting to get on

We found that for P20 ($.40) more we could enjoy the benefits of Business Class.

We got our own bathroom, TV, air conditioning and prayer.

President and Sister Mangum will be leaving us to go home in a few days.  The mission is preparing a farewell video and slide show for them.  Here is a photo of the Baco Elders as well and the video we made for them.  Elder Ancla does a great impersonation of President Mangum. 

While we were staying at the MRC we were able to attend the opening of the  the MTC. expansion  The MTC choir sang the closing song.  The expansion will accommodate twice as many missionaries.


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