Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tears. Joy. Almost Arrested.

Here is a photo of a huge sensation in the Philippines.  This is a group of returned missionaries who performed together and put their videos on Youtube.  They tell their story about how they became famous and you see how much they love the culture and the people.  You'll even see them doing a little dance with Filipino President Duterte.  They call themselves the "Hey Joes"which is what male caucasians are called when greeted on the streets. VIDEO

These little boys live next door to the elders.  They are always so happy when we come visit.  We are having a district meeting in Pinamalayan.  Elder Farnell, back row left, is from London, England.  So far he has come the farthest to serve and is a great elder.  

We often see things in the grocery stores that catch our attention.  We don't think these seeds are sold anywhere in the U.S.

We found this free sample rather unusual.  No one was there to count how many samples you drank or if you were under age.

We weren't shopping for these nor do we need them,  but we think they are aptly named.

This is a good name for a chocolate bar.  Being chubby here is a sign of prosperity.  It is bad manners to tell someone they are skinny.

We experienced some excitement as we waited at the church gate to get in for district meeting.  The police drove up and approached us.  We weren't sure if we were in trouble or not.  Luckily the elders were there to interpret.  When the branch president, to the right of Elder Bellessa, got there with the key he was very worried for us. We came to find out when they saw us waiting they wanted to meet us.  They let us know if there was ever anything we needed they would take care of us.  They gave us their contact information and took their photo with us then left.  As they were going out the gate one of them asked Elder Bellessa how many wives he had.

It was our privilege this week to host many of the missionaries on the island at our apartment so they could call home on  Mother's Day.  We gave them a space, a big screen and let them have privacy.  We heard a lot of love and joy as each greeted their family.  We have a choice group of elders and sisters that we love and admire very much.  Click on this VIDEO to listen to a sweet, heartfelt hymn that one companionship sang.

We were delivered three huge boxes of books last week.  Hidden at the bottom of one was this treasure trove of snacks and other items "not available" in the Philippines.  Thanks to Amy for organizing and sending.  Thanks to family members who contributed all this comfort food.  We feel the love!

Look at all these beautiful books! 

We were happy to be able to add a school to distribute books to.  We are spreading the joy sent by Amy, her family and their school.

Sister Joan Sikat belongs to our branch.  We recently found out that she taught school so we brought some books to her school.  

The teachers at the Parang Elementary school were so excited with what we brought.  They have started a project to make a small library and reading station.

The teachers and parents at Lazareto Elementary are hard at work cleaning, painting and organizing for the school year which begins in about two weeks.

We feel so privileged to be able to contribute books to the schools.  They will be well used and appreciated.  Many thanks to all who made it possible.  Our next project is school supplies.  

This is a sweet Mother's Day performance by the Primary.  A new song not heard before:  "Mother Will You Love Me?" (Yes, I Will Love You) VIDEO