Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hump Day

This was a big week for us.  We have been here for nine months which means half of our mission is over.  This blog contains some photos and stories of interest as we already reminisce about wonderful experiences.  The photo above is showing Elder Diquino being sealed to his family.  He was valedictorian of his school and was given funding by a benefactor to continue his education.  He encountered the missionaries and had a very powerful conversion.  He knew joining would mean losing his education funding and being shunned by his family but he said he couldn't refute the witness he had.   He related to us how his continued prayers and faith helped him heal his relationship with his family and eventually they all joined.  Just last week he was give permission to meet them at the temple to be sealed as a family.

Beautiful Filipinas

Monument to the People, Manila

Young boy flying his homemade kite made from a white plastic shopping bag.  He uses a pop bottle to wrap the string around. 

A common sight of chickens on their roosts

Very stylish young girl at the local market.

Cute Face

A local taste sensation.  We're not brave enough to try it.

A view from our walk.

Neighbor boys with their homing pigeons.  

A photo that didn't get in last week.

This beautiful lady was visiting across the street from our apartment.  She is 85 years old and spent her life as a garbage collector which is very physically taxing work.  

Proud to be a Mormon.

Pola Baptism with President and Sister Mangum

Witnesses had a long walk.

A wonderful new member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The last baptism of Elder Lynn before his departure home.  We love and miss those who serve so faithfully.

Three Colorful Sisters

Here is our wonderful district.  We got word that six of our sixteen missionaries will be transferred this week.   Each time we need to say good-bye we feel so sad, especially since we won't be seeing most of them again.  When the new missionaries come we add them to our quiver of love and give thanks for each one.

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