Monday, April 3, 2017

Angels Among Us And A Welcome Visit From Family

This is a photo with the Missionary Recovery Center (MRC) angels, Elder and Sister Peel. We travel to Manila for Sister Bellessa to receive treatment for an auto-immune disease in her left eye (which is doing well).  We are welcomed with love and compassion by these good people who feed us, tend to our every need and make sure we are delivered through Manila traffic to our appointments. They work tirelessly to assist all who come.

Elder and Sister Bellessa attending the temple with sweet companions they met while at the MRC.

Our dear friends the Rudy and Brenda Carlos are serving as the MTC president. They hosted us in their apartment and gave us a tour of the soon to be dedicated new buildings. The new facilities will greatly expand the number of missionaries who come from and go to countries all over the world.

Sister Bellessa visited the new Manila chapel in 1968 when it was on the outskirts of town. Today it is surrounded by skyscrapers as the city has grown around it.

We met up with the Brian and Amy Barker Family in Manila.

The mall by our hotel sold religious apparel that would work well in Utah.

Joshua 1:9 "Be strong and courageous; be not afraid: for the Lord thy God is with thee..."

The first few nights were very difficult to get through dinner with jet lag hitting. We admired the way the children adjusted and met each new experience with an attitude of resilience.

A van took us from Manila to the Pier at Batangas just in time for a sunset ferry ride to Calapan.

The Barkers weren't coming just to have fun. They came ready to bless and serve. They worked very hard to raise money so they could help those in need. We had a great day purchasing and preparing typhoon kits for our adopted elementary school.

Happy Grandma!

Presenting the kits and meeting new friends.

Amy is reading the children a book she prepared called "Same Same But Different". It shows their school and her children's school. Little do they know she has a Master's degree from Harvard in International Education which means she is very qualified. She was in her element.  See this VIDEO 

They also visited an orphanage and took games, books, treats and financial aid.

We visited Infinity Farm located thirty minutes from our apartment. VIDEO

We took time to visit Puerto Galera where they snorkeled, swam, explored, and became expert at Karaoke.  We all  relaxed and ate very well. 

We visited a Mangyan village.  We knew it was a "tourist" village  but it was interesting to see the Mangyans making their crafts and seeing how they live.


We are saying good-bye as our beautiful family entered the boat to go across the sea on their way back to the Manila airport.  As we waved and the hotel staff waved, George said he felt like he was being sent off to war.  We're thankful that isn't the case but there were a few tears shed in thanksgiving for their visit.

We're back to the happy job of visiting our wonderful missionaries.  We feel so blessed.

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