Monday, March 13, 2017

Jello's Lucky Day

Since we are living so close to the equator the sun comes up at 6AM and goes down at 6PM.  The transition between night and day is very fast.  The sunsets are only minutes long.  Because of this there is a rhythm to the days that is very predictable.  By 6:30AM the streets are bustling with traffic as everyone starts the day.  Businesses close at 5PM which reverses the flow.  Between 5:30 - 6:30 there is a "magic" time when the workers are back with their families.  Neighbors are out walking, socializing and often sharing meals at the local vendors.  It is a happy, relaxing time of day.  Since cost of electricity is difficult for many, when they go into their homes it is an early bedtime.   We've learned that we don't drive at night since it is very dark and vehicles often don't have lights.  Many of the homes, pets and children are just feet away from the roadside...too dangerous!  Check out this video.

The vegetable vendors sell their wares in the mornings.  They will sing a particular song so you know they are outside.  We are looking at them from our bedroom window as they are selling to our neighbor who will soon put out pots of food for sale.

This is what our family is doing back home.   Greg and Jamie are at Snow Bird with their three children.  ski day

The Calapan Branch Relief Society has women who love and serve one another  as well as being able to have fun and a good laugh. 

Our special place in the mall is the massage spa.  With the amount of driving we do, we often need a tune-up on our backs.  The ladies here can take care of aches and pains with a 1/2 hour back massage for $4 or an hour full massage for $6.  When Calder was here he had one or two a day.  

This is the beginning of a new rice crop.  These starts will be put into bundles then planted one by one.  

The Caribou is working hard along with his owner.  The bundles will be separated into individual plants. VIDEO

Delivering typhoon kits to our adopted school.  Our helper is Angelo (nickamed Jello).  He said it has always been his dream to be able to talk to an American.  Today his wish came true and his English is very good.

Elder Bellessa is the main attraction as soon as we enter the school grounds. 

Sweet Happy Faces

Everyone wants to take a look at the foreigners.

Tire Art in the school yard.

Pumping Water

A successful branch missionary event.  The branch president is President Valenzuela (first row second from end).  He is just twenty five years old and  doing a great job.

Found on a downtown sidewalk during Sister Bellessa's walk about.