Monday, January 9, 2017

2017-Bring it On! Announcing Adoption News

We're ready to take on the new year and all that is awaiting us.  We're close to having one year left on our mission.  In some ways it has gone so fast.  In other ways it seems like a lot of days ahead but we love being here and know we'll treasure the relationships and experiences we've had and will have.

We've adopted a school! 

We delivered a first aid kit sent by a U.S. Eagle Scout who wanted his project to reach areas of the world in need.  It was received with much gratitude by the principal and she remarked it is good to have in case of a typhoon.

Beautiful Students

The students were very excited to see a "foreigner" at their school.

Little did they know just days after our visit, the school was hit with one of the strongest typhoons to hit the island.  Thankfully it started in the middle of the night when school wasn't in session.  The school was flooded, trees fell on buildings. roofing was blown off and their books and papers were soaked in water.  When we went back two weeks after the typhoon they still had no electricity.  We spoke to the principal and asked what we could do and she said it would help immensely to have a typhoon emergency kit for each class which would include school supplies in order to continue teaching the children until they could get back to normal.  The day we were there all the children were working hard to help clean the yard and classrooms. 


Other news of the week is that one of our special elders, Elder Guarana, received his visa and is now serving in Ogden, Utah.  We can only imagine the adjustment he is having.  This is a recent photo he sent.  We're glad he is such a good guy who will serve with a smile no matter what is asked of him.

A really big event was the installation of a hot water heater in our shower.  Elder Bellessa headed up the project and our days of the cold showers are over.   Hallelujah!

We couldn't resist visiting this mommy goat with her kids.

No matter how humble the home, its beauty is shown by the neatness and care it is given.  This yard is immaculate and the owners found creative ways to make it lovely with a small garden and a fence topped with egg shells.  All this was done with materials available without cost.  They are in the midst of making a stone pathway to the door.

Our day at the beach was wonderful since we were in Pinamalayan for the baptism of two young men.

What a great day!

Two Witnesses

 We miss all of our grandchildren.  Here are the beautiful faces of those who were in Midway during Christmas.  Listen to the sweet voices of the children in the Calapan branch.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I love the updates!

  2. It is wonderful to see the amazing experiences that you are having and how you are touching the lives of the people you come in contact with in the Philippines. Love you!

  3. I love hearing about your adventures! We miss you in Midway!

  4. What a touching post as you touch the lives of so many. We have quite a few Filipino students here, They are so faithful. If they go back home when they graduate the Church is in good hands. So glad that Calder and family get to come visit.

  5. Thank you Hilma! You're an inspiration. I loved the home with the eggshell topped fence. Beautiful. We have so much to be grateful for! Stay safe and enjoy every minute.