Sunday, December 4, 2016

Twenty Days to Christmas

We received this photo of Lula asking her mother to show her again where we were in the world.  We miss our grandchildren and hope our service will bless their lives.

If we were at home, Sister Bellessa would be spending hours adorning this very large, over the top tree.  It is a labor of love as she places each memory ornament while listening to Christmas music and church talks.

Our mission Christmas tree is simple (very simple) but contains the most important message of all.

These sweet faces are boys from our neighborhood who came to sing us Christmas carols.  They are hoping for a small handout of appreciation.  When they were finished, we thanked them profusely and gave them some coins.  We made sure they knew it was a one time donation but no sooner had they thanked us and left, there were seven more boys coming to sing.  You snooze you lose.  Click to enjoy the sweet Tagalog song.

The closer to Christmas it gets the more elaborate and noteworthy the decorations become.  This very large tree is made entirely of Sprite bottles.  There is a light inside each bottle which will make quite a show at night.  We were admiring it from the balcony of the town hall with the Elders and a nice breeze came though bringing welcome cool air.  When we said how wonderful it felt their comment was "Christmas was in the air" because it seemed cold to them.  (at 85 degrees F).

Making use of tires and bottles

On our way through Socorro were amazing and creative Christmas decorations made by each barangay(neighborhood) .  This one made from dried palm fronds and bamboo was particularly beautiful and creative.  At night they are lit up.

 Brother Reyes has been wanting to be baptized for some time but has not had the ability to do so since he cannot walk and attend church.  He couldn't afford a walker but fortunately someone purchased one for him which brought him to the day he had longed hoped for.   He entered the waters of baptism assisted by two of the Lord's servants.

Baptism not far from Pinamalayan Branch building.

Brother Reyes, the newest member of the Pinamalayan Branch.


  1. What sweet experiences you are having. We picked up 4 Filipino BYUH students today from the airport that were in Manilla for a week interviewing for internships. There is a very generous Japanese family that has set up the Yamagata Foundation to fund these trips and internships.