Monday, October 31, 2016

Thirteen Years Celebration

We took a few days to go on an anniversary trip to Lipa which means a nice sunset trip on the ferry.  As mentioned in a previous blog,  the trip starts with a televised prayer then a movie plays for the two hour ride.  Usually we come into port just as the movie is coming to an end and we never get to see what happens.

The highlight of our anniversary trip was eating two meals at David's favorite American fast food restaurant.  There is nothing like a Whopper with extra pickles, large Coke and fries!  We think of our friends who are serving in Paris as they go to museums, French restaurants and historic architecture.  Who would have thought we'd be so excited about a trip to Burger King.  

Mindoro North District meeting gives us special time with these wonderful missionaries.  Elder Labastida (front row far left) is waiting for his visa to go to the Denver, CO mission.

Ingenuity, hard work, and co-operation is symbolized in this photo of men moving a home.  

The Mountain People known as the Mangyns come to Calapan during the Christmas season (or giving season as it is known here).  They come to beg for money or food.  They are an aboriginal tribe who live a very primitive life and are the original inhabitants of the island.  Our district president was raised near them and told us a lot about them.  Many of them are staying close to where we live.  They sleep on the sidewalks and wander the city.  They don't wash their clothes or bathe and after a few months of wearing the same thing they will throw them away for something new.  They are nomadic and move to different places in the mountain areas as they see fit.  Men, women and children smoke pipes using the beetle nut plant.  They also chew it.  They fiercely protect their lifestyle and are not interested in becoming civilized. The following article is very interesting.

 We attended a baptism in Pola and met in this cabana near the ocean for the service.  There was a sweet spirit of love from the members as the talks were given and songs were sung.

It was a long walk to waist deep water since the tide was  out.

The big smile on Elder Mesias' face says it all.

Following the baptism we took the short walk back to the cabana to celebrate and greet friends and loved ones. 

The newest member of the Pola Branch, fourteen year old KC.  

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