Monday, October 3, 2016

Transfers and Training

This is moving week for two of our Mindoro Zone Elders and two Sisters.  We love our missionaries!  We will miss those being transferred but look forward to meeting, working with, and loving our new missionaries.  This photo was taken outside the Naujan Elder's house.

Two neighborhood dogs relaxing in the morning sun.

We thought this creative boat would look good floating on our pond at home.

Thankful for the internet, we enjoyed watching the Women's Session of Conference with our Calapan Sisters in our apartment.  

Another trip off the island to meet with   Senior Couples at the mission home.  We feel so blessed to have them as our friends and to be able to share experiences with them.  President and Sister Mangum trained us to be more effective and fed us yummy "American" food.

Oh, thank heaven for Seven Eleven! On our trip home from Senior Couple Training last week in San Pablo, Elder Bellessa had his first Slurpee since we left the States.  A Mango flavored Slurpee enjoyed on the way home to Calapan!

I've always been the person standing in the front row as the shortest person but as you can see, I am much larger than my sisters here. 

Key Chain Gift 

The sister next to me slipped a keychain she had made into my hand as a gift.  Such a sweet  token of her love.  I told Ella they are just the right size for her American Girl Dolls and she could dress one as a sister missionary.

The members are proud of their membership and wear T-shirts with Book of Mormon scriptures as well as these tricycles adorned for all to see.

CTR Tricycle


  1. Love reading your blogs. We are scrambling to get every thing done to leave as we only had 6 weeks to report once we got our call. HIs your mission president related to Tanner Magnum? If so he is likely related to the Joseph Knigh family and is a distant cousin of mine on my mother's side.i had Steven look for Travel s at the Dialogue convention but he didn't see him. He only went for the daytime speakers, didn't want to pay the high price for the dinner. 💕Karen

  2. Thanks for the update. I love seeing pictures and hearing about you adventures. I bet the missionaries love you guys!