Sunday, October 9, 2016

ET, The Hulk and Life Long Friendships

As mentioned before, we see reminders of the Savior everyplace we look. Most jeepneys are personalized with a message of faith, as these photos show, but we also see decorated jeepneys which pay homage to a favorite NBA team, or appropriately, NASCAR racing.

Morning Star

The Three Marias: Grace, Joy, Hope.  God is Love

Praise the Lord

 In God We Trust

These are the current senior missionaries in our mission:  Front row:  President and Sister Mangum, Elder and Sister Howard.  Behind: Elder and Sister Spencer, Elder and Sister Bellessa, Elder and Sister Haroldsen, Elder and Sister Spencer, Elder and Sister Bisbee.  We had a wonderful day of training and good food.  We have a bond with each one of these couples since we know of their sacrifice and desire to serve.  We know they will be life long friends.

  If you don't know exactly where to look, you'll miss ET greeting you from this roadside garden.

 When we saw this the other day we couldn't believe we had driven by it multiple times and never noticed.  Surprise!

Tucked back on a side road, the Incredible Hulk.

We have been puzzled to see this truck/tree encounter for the last two months on our way to and from Baco.  It has stayed intact the whole time and only this week were the wheels removed by someone.  It reminded me of a story from my friend Enoch Palmer, who served in the Las Vegas Nevada Mission. He told of coming out of a short investigator meeting to find the mission car up on blocks and missing all four wheels.  Perhaps it shows people here are less likely..or at least take longer to do such a thing.  We think the truck is left as a cautionary sign for passing drivers.

More beautiful color

Umbrellas For Decoration at a church in Victoria.

We just went though another transfer week.  Some members came to say goodbye to the departing elders after district meeting in Socorro.  We enjoy sharing the joy and love they feel for each other.   Elder Bellessa says he is at least twice as wide as any of the  missionaries.

There are many wonderful members who live far enough away from the church who don't have the resources to pay for transportation.  Few have cars and depend on tricycles or jeepneys to get them around.  This is Sister Sosa and her daughter Ashley.  The Sosa Family is one of Elder Bellessa's home teaching families. They have a small rice paddy and fruit trees.  Her husband works in Manila in order to earn enough money to support the family.  They share a home with other family members.  She is bringing us a papaya from her yard.

Such great advice!

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