Sunday, October 23, 2016

City Walk, Country Sights and Ocean Baptism

Our walk this week took us through the downtown area.  I (not so much Elder Bellessa) always like going there because it is where you really get a sense of the culture.  There are so many interesting people, sights and smells.  When we walk about we are the subject of interest and stares since there are very few "foreigners" on Mindoro.  People are always kind and polite.  The other day a mother asked if she could take a photo of us with her daughter.

The river that runs behind the Palengke or town market in Calapan.

This is typical of what we see as we walk in the neighborhoods. Neighborhoods are called Barangas and have names, mottos, a neighborhood president and an archway entrance over the street. 

We always think of the grandkids when we pass this store.

This is an interesting sign at a restaurant.  Elder Bellessa refuses to leave his machete in the car so when we saw "No deadly weapons allowed" we decided we probably won't be stopping for lunch.

This is the "iceman" who has ice in one bucket and yummy flavors in the other.  He walks down the streets and makes a particular sound that everyone knows.  The treat he makes is much like a snow cone.

Cow Resting in the Morning Sun

A very comfortable chair made from tires.

This little piggy is going to market.

Another "made with pop bottle" Christmas ornament.  The hanging down part is made from plastic grocery bags.

This photo shows how large the Carabou are.  They seem to be very docile and didn't mind that we were right next to him.  (safely in the car) They are as big as a hippo.

District meeting in Pola.

This is the Pimalayan City plaza.  It is in the southern most city we visit each week.  It is about 1 1/2 hour drive from Calapan.

Walking through our shopping center in Calapan, a ski video was playing on  a flat screen in the appliance store window.  The video reminded us that it will soon be winter at home.  Elder Bellessa will miss his days on the slopes with his favorite ski partners - the grandkids!

Baptism of fourteen year old Patrick.  Elder Gaurana, who is waiting on a visa, will soon be serving in Ogden, Utah.  We know he will have a big weather adjustment.

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  1. So fun to read. I'm cold right now so I'd live to be warm there. I love the idea of an ocean baptism.