Sunday, September 4, 2016

Not Missing Swiss Days..But Missing Our Friends and Family

Swiss Miss

Well..we know we've missed the big Swiss Days week-end..but not really.  We received a blow by blow video and lots of photos and FaceTime with our children and grandchildren to give us the highlights without the work.  We have a long standing tradition of Howard Garrard and his girls driving from Las Vegas to join in the festivities.  We are working hard here but not half as hard as working at the "Swiss Hamburger" booth.  

We have a large ceramic of a water buffalo (called Carabou here) sitting on our buffet in Midway.  Little did we ever think we would be coming to this country to be up close and personal with these beautiful, hardworking beasts.

Since it so hot and we travel quite a bit, we eat out often.  This is a restaurant on the coast overlooking the bay just minutes from our home.  We had a delicious meal and took home enough for another meal the next day for just $10.   Since I'm such a thrifty person, I'm thrilled with great haircuts (which includes shoulder massage) for $3.  A full back massage is $2. with tip $3. 

We didn't stay for the complete sunset, which was spectacular but this was such a charming scene.

This is the view as we approach the apartment of the Poli elders.  Poli is a small coastal town with charming homes and a small branch.

Just outside of Poli is a brightly painted house which reminded us of Starr Stratford since orange is her favorite color.  She would be very happy here.  Orange seems to be a favorite color of the country since we see it so often.  It is on cars, motorbikes, houses, clothes and even used in striping the roads.  

While purchasing Gatorade at the store, we encountered this interesting drink...quite descriptive.  We haven't tried it yet but thought it was photograph worthy.  We'll let you know how it tastes.

We were invited by President Asis of  our branch to join with his family and the sisters for Family Home Evening.  We had a great lesson, wonderful dinner and lots of fun playing games.  He and Sister Asis have five children.  Two are on missions.  He is holding Nephi, who reminded us so much of our four year old grandson, Axel.

Saturday afternoon Elder Bellessa baptized this beautiful  eleven year old convert named Aubrey Torrecampo.  The sister missionaries taught Aubrey as well as her older sister, who was baptized two weeks ago.  

We attended church at the Naujan Branch which is about a forty five minute drive from Calapan.  It meets in a beautiful, small building with about fifty members present.  Many of the members were absent working in the rice fields since it is harvest time and were needed.  The lessons and talks were wonderful.  We don't always understand the language but we do feel the spirits and loving kindness of the members.  Relief Society and Priesthood met in these native outbuildings and they were very pleasant and much more cool than being inside the building.  

The lovely sisters of the Naujan Branch, Philippines  (and one little photo bomber).


  1. Steven loved the haircuts there.

  2. I am so glad you and David get to share the gospel in the Philippines. The people there are so humble and caring. You are setting a great example for your family. Keep up the great work!