Sunday, September 25, 2016

Neighborhood Tour and Zone Conference

We're branching out and exploring our neighborhood.

Such wonderful color!

Too many beautiful flowers to include.  This one just "bloomed."

We can actually walk to the Market.  I love best the booths with the native handmade items.  

Anyone who has seen the movie "Ghost Busters" will "get" the name of the street that leads to our home.

Many homes show their devotion with plaques such as these or small statues of Mary in their gardens.

Since we are out in the morning we encounter people selling their wares.  These are floor mats.  We also saw women with buckets of fish and others carrying bins of vegetables...all on their heads.

We walk by some very large, beautiful homes...

and very humble homes on the same street.  

This is an example of a "Sari Sari" store.  There are one or two on every block.  They are usually in the front of a home and face the street.  They carry snacks, drinks and cigarettes.  Many of them also sell cooked food at dinner time.

There are plenty of animals in the neighborhood.  Chickens (some to eat, others to be fighters), lots of dogs and cats,  Caribou, and an occasional pig or two.

We came upon the scene of a grandfather buying an ice dessert for his granddaughters.  He had taken them out on his tricycle to look for the ice man who carries the ingredients in two different buckets which he carries on each end of a stick across his shoulders.  We weren't able to get a photo of the ice man but we did get these beautiful excited children.

Almost every little town has a shop that makes princess clothing for adults and children.  We pass this one as we walk.

The highlight of last week was our opportunity to attend Zone Conference.  We took the ferry off the island to Lipa.  There were three conferences on three different days in order to accommodate the whole mission.  Ours was on Wednesday and there were two other zones meeting with us.  It was a day long event which included workshops, training, talks and lunch.  President and Sister Mangum are loved and revered by their missionaries.  We comment often about how many hours they spend interviewing, in meetings, traveling, organizing and praying over the mission.  President Mangum is a master story teller and gave some powerful lessons from 1st Samuel in the Old Testament about the story of David and Goliath.  We had some wonderful discussions this week as we visited with the Elders and Sisters and could tell the lessons were well learned and understood.  We love our Elders and Sisters.  Each one has an amazing story of sacrifice and conversion.  They are the future leaders and strength of the church in the Philippines.  They are a great example to us.

Some perks of our trip to Lipa: Hot shower, lunch at the Pancake House, dinner at Burger King, dinner with President and Sister Mangum and the office couple, Elder and Sister Howard.  We shopped at S&R which is owned by Costco and offers many "American" items we've missed.   There was also the excitement of seeing a Seven Eleven which Elder Bellessa entered with great anticipation only to find the slurpee machine not working.

This is the sight that greets us as the ferry docks or departs.  These are families hoping someone on the boat will  through coins.  The young boys dive and retrieve them.  Life can be very hard for these people but there seems to be an underlying happiness that those of us who have so much don't understand.  They are good, loving, kind, and spiritual. you'll enjoy this linkr


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  1. We have so enjoyed reading your blog!!!!!!!! Amazing colors and amazing experiences! The people are so beautiful!!!!!!Glad to see Dave out exploring in shorts--that has to be a relief! you both look great and very happy! We miss you and pray for you! Joy!