Sunday, August 28, 2016


Our Latest Discovery:  We spend the most part of each day traveling in our car as we visit the companionships each week.  We teach them English and see to their needs and hopefully leave them with some uplifting thoughts and feelings.  When we get home we are hot and tired so we usually retire to our room and stand in front of the air conditioner.  We might even take a in other words, we aren't exercising much.  We're started walking in an area by our branch president's home in the mornings but it is hot and prone to bug bites.  Our next effort has been to walk around the shopping mall near our home.  It is still quite warm but it works, although we get lots of stares since we're the only ones doing such a thing.  On the landing outside our room we encountered this exercise machine left by a previous couple.  We don't know what they were thinking or when they got on it..but kudos to them.  It is just too hot!

While exploring our City, we happened on a beach resort called "Donny Land" (we're thinking as homage to Disneyland)  This was the view next to the resort.  We'll probably go back and take a tour so we can give any of you who might visit our thoughts.

We've been eating out a lot and found this delicacy.  I am learning more each day about cooking healthy food in our own"oven" kitchen.  Today at church the new sisters asked if we had any food at our house since they were hungry with no food in their pantry.  I reluctantly said "sure" and was able to come up with a pretty good Pancit Bihon and fresh fruit that saved they day until they can go shopping tomorrow on P Day.  

Kids are no different here.  There is plenty of interest in playing computer games.

Eight House Guests:   Transfer day is a miracle of logistics as the elders and sisters travel from one place to another.  There were two sister missionaries and six elders who came to Mindoro on the ferry.  Two are new and the others come from various areas in the mission.  After we fed them the district leader got out all the mats and rearranged the furniture for them to spend the night.  They were up bright and early the next morning to go to their new areas.    We are impressed with their humility, dedication and knowledge and are looking forward to coming to know and love them as we do those who have been sent to other areas.  As of now, there are only two non-native missionaries on Mindoro.  Beginning next week we will be teaching an english class to branch members and their friends.  It will be a stretch for us..but we're up for it.  As I read the lesson outlines..I'm not sure if I could pass all the grammar requirements.  The branch members were very excited when they heard we were teaching and said it will be a good way for us to learn Tagalog.  (We hope so.)


  1. Thanks for the update! Can you fit the exercise machine in your bedroom by the ac? You could watch tv and exercise. So fun to see the pictures. I'm glad you guys are enjoying your time. They are so lucky to have you.

  2. Love you...exercise is overrated, lol.

  3. Love you...exercise is overrated, lol.