Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Week of Meeting the Missionaries and Traveling

We spent the week visiting and teaching English to the missionaries.   Only 25% are American.  Others come from the South Sea and Australia (who speak the queen's english) but most are Filipino and only know Tagolog.  It is remarkable how well they are learning.  (unlike our ability to learn their language.)  They study with a workbook which we go over with them when we come then we take the time to help them with conversational English.  They have the opportunity at the end of their study to take a certification exam that they can use when they look for employment once they return from their missions.  Getting to know each one has been such an inspiration.  They have truly given their all and are such humble, sweet, powerful people.  The photo above is a pathway just behind one of the apartments.
I love the bright beautifully painted homes.  (especially this blue and white one.)
We drive by lots of rice paddies and water buffalo.
There are eight sets of missionaries and we meet with each companionship once a week.
Just a few photos of our wonderful missionaries.
Our trainers:  Elder and Sister LeDuc from Littleton, CO.  We have big shoes to fill.  Sister LeDuc baked cakes, made beautiful hand made cards and was lots of fun.  Elder LeDuc was the first counselor to the mission president and spent a many hours interviewing and making sure all went well on Mindoro.  They showed us where to shop, how to get to the elder's apartments, and how to get to McDonalds for a Big Mac.  Great people and friends.


  1. Is a Filipino Big Mac the same as in the States? I know the all must live you!!

  2. Is a Filipino Big Mac the same as in the States? I know the all must live you!!

  3. So pretty! I'm so glad you are helping the missionaries with their English. That could be so valuable to them.

  4. So interesting and inspiring, Elder and Sister Bellessa! Keep up the great work.