Saturday, August 6, 2016

Mindoro, Philippines

Waiting to get our visas.  We were thankful to have a facilitator who took us through the process

Manila Traffic is no fun.  Two and a half hours to go 15 miles.  David kept asking the driver "Are we there yet?

Our new friends, the Bradshaws from Bountiful.  We spent the day with them getting all of our paperwork in order.  Great people!  They flew out to a different mission on a different island.

President and Sister Magnum drove us to our new assignment on Mindoro Island.  We are in the city of Calapan.  The island itself is beautiful, surrounded by rice fields and ocean tourist areas.  The city is small in comparison to Manila.  The traffic is less than Manila so we are starting to know how to get around and David is managing the traffic.  He is doing great at being an aggressive driver!

This was the sunset as we sailed to Mindoro.

Here is the photo of our home.  

The living room is very nice but it is like sitting in an oven so I don't think we'll ever spend much time there.

The kitchen is clean and functional.  We turn on the "air con" when we spend any time there.

The car is locked inside the gate when we come home.

We will basically be living in this room since it is air conditioned and cool.

The people and especially the children are beautiful!  Everyone is so kind and happy to have us here.  They treat us like rock stars.  The LeDucs, the couple who are leaving, have spent the last few days showing us the ropes.  They are from Denver and will be on their way home on Wednesday.  We attended a fireside last night that the sisters arranged with President Magnum.  They did a great job.  We're looking forward to assisting them in the work.  We miss you all.  We love you!


  1. Wow wow wow what an experience! Looks amazing thus far! Well besides the fact you can only use 20% of your house because of the heat. What months will it cool down, if ever?