Sunday, August 21, 2016

Getting in the Groove

Monday is our "P" (preparation) day.  It is a day we can do whatever needs to be done..including taking time off to explore.  We drove the winding, curvy mountain roads to Puerta Galera where we stopped to enjoy this waterfall. 

Puerta Galera is famous for its white beaches and snorkeling.  It is said to be better than the Australian Reefs.  

We ate lunch at the Xfinity Resort which would be a great place for Amy and Ella to stay if they sell enough cupcakes.

Saturday there was a baptism of two young women.  One is shown here with her aunt and niece.

After the baptism the branch had a family home evening with a lesson, entertainment, games and food.  It was really well done and so fun.  The Primary kids sang "I Love to See the Temple".  They also practiced a dance that can be seen on FB.

One of our most outstanding sister missionaries, Sister Loia-Enosa, returned home to Long Beach, CA.  It was sad to see her go.  She is a fun, talented and hard working sister who has done a great work. 

We are on the road quite a bit and drive through the villages at a rapid speed  I only get a glimpse sometimes of things I see. (David is concentrating on the road)  As we go, I've tried to spot this display from a former sighting.  I found it this week so we stopped and took a photo.  I love the creativity of the alligator made from tires.

Look who is greeting us at the garden entrance.

 It looks as though this creative person has kept up with the latest movies to include "Frozen"  I'm not sure how the people here can relate to it but they seem to love it as much as we do.

We need to do a whole blog just on what we see on the road in front of us.

Jungle and rice fields.

Sunday we drove the District President to Pinamalayan for branch conference.  The building is the smallest the church builds.  Instead of pews, stacking plastic chairs are used in the chapel.  When the chairs are stacked the area  can be used for multi-purpose.  The baptismal font is outside to the right.  We again, were greeted with such warmth and appreciation.  The speakers and lessons were outstanding (especially Elder Bellessa's which was in English)  Afterwards, the members had a great time visiting and enjoying each other's company with a loving, sweet spirit.

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