Sunday, August 28, 2016


Our Latest Discovery:  We spend the most part of each day traveling in our car as we visit the companionships each week.  We teach them English and see to their needs and hopefully leave them with some uplifting thoughts and feelings.  When we get home we are hot and tired so we usually retire to our room and stand in front of the air conditioner.  We might even take a in other words, we aren't exercising much.  We're started walking in an area by our branch president's home in the mornings but it is hot and prone to bug bites.  Our next effort has been to walk around the shopping mall near our home.  It is still quite warm but it works, although we get lots of stares since we're the only ones doing such a thing.  On the landing outside our room we encountered this exercise machine left by a previous couple.  We don't know what they were thinking or when they got on it..but kudos to them.  It is just too hot!

While exploring our City, we happened on a beach resort called "Donny Land" (we're thinking as homage to Disneyland)  This was the view next to the resort.  We'll probably go back and take a tour so we can give any of you who might visit our thoughts.

We've been eating out a lot and found this delicacy.  I am learning more each day about cooking healthy food in our own"oven" kitchen.  Today at church the new sisters asked if we had any food at our house since they were hungry with no food in their pantry.  I reluctantly said "sure" and was able to come up with a pretty good Pancit Bihon and fresh fruit that saved they day until they can go shopping tomorrow on P Day.  

Kids are no different here.  There is plenty of interest in playing computer games.

Eight House Guests:   Transfer day is a miracle of logistics as the elders and sisters travel from one place to another.  There were two sister missionaries and six elders who came to Mindoro on the ferry.  Two are new and the others come from various areas in the mission.  After we fed them the district leader got out all the mats and rearranged the furniture for them to spend the night.  They were up bright and early the next morning to go to their new areas.    We are impressed with their humility, dedication and knowledge and are looking forward to coming to know and love them as we do those who have been sent to other areas.  As of now, there are only two non-native missionaries on Mindoro.  Beginning next week we will be teaching an english class to branch members and their friends.  It will be a stretch for us..but we're up for it.  As I read the lesson outlines..I'm not sure if I could pass all the grammar requirements.  The branch members were very excited when they heard we were teaching and said it will be a good way for us to learn Tagalog.  (We hope so.)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Getting in the Groove

Monday is our "P" (preparation) day.  It is a day we can do whatever needs to be done..including taking time off to explore.  We drove the winding, curvy mountain roads to Puerta Galera where we stopped to enjoy this waterfall. 

Puerta Galera is famous for its white beaches and snorkeling.  It is said to be better than the Australian Reefs.  

We ate lunch at the Xfinity Resort which would be a great place for Amy and Ella to stay if they sell enough cupcakes.

Saturday there was a baptism of two young women.  One is shown here with her aunt and niece.

After the baptism the branch had a family home evening with a lesson, entertainment, games and food.  It was really well done and so fun.  The Primary kids sang "I Love to See the Temple".  They also practiced a dance that can be seen on FB.

One of our most outstanding sister missionaries, Sister Loia-Enosa, returned home to Long Beach, CA.  It was sad to see her go.  She is a fun, talented and hard working sister who has done a great work. 

We are on the road quite a bit and drive through the villages at a rapid speed  I only get a glimpse sometimes of things I see. (David is concentrating on the road)  As we go, I've tried to spot this display from a former sighting.  I found it this week so we stopped and took a photo.  I love the creativity of the alligator made from tires.

Look who is greeting us at the garden entrance.

 It looks as though this creative person has kept up with the latest movies to include "Frozen"  I'm not sure how the people here can relate to it but they seem to love it as much as we do.

We need to do a whole blog just on what we see on the road in front of us.

Jungle and rice fields.

Sunday we drove the District President to Pinamalayan for branch conference.  The building is the smallest the church builds.  Instead of pews, stacking plastic chairs are used in the chapel.  When the chairs are stacked the area  can be used for multi-purpose.  The baptismal font is outside to the right.  We again, were greeted with such warmth and appreciation.  The speakers and lessons were outstanding (especially Elder Bellessa's which was in English)  Afterwards, the members had a great time visiting and enjoying each other's company with a loving, sweet spirit.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Week of Meeting the Missionaries and Traveling

We spent the week visiting and teaching English to the missionaries.   Only 25% are American.  Others come from the South Sea and Australia (who speak the queen's english) but most are Filipino and only know Tagolog.  It is remarkable how well they are learning.  (unlike our ability to learn their language.)  They study with a workbook which we go over with them when we come then we take the time to help them with conversational English.  They have the opportunity at the end of their study to take a certification exam that they can use when they look for employment once they return from their missions.  Getting to know each one has been such an inspiration.  They have truly given their all and are such humble, sweet, powerful people.  The photo above is a pathway just behind one of the apartments.
I love the bright beautifully painted homes.  (especially this blue and white one.)
We drive by lots of rice paddies and water buffalo.
There are eight sets of missionaries and we meet with each companionship once a week.
Just a few photos of our wonderful missionaries.
Our trainers:  Elder and Sister LeDuc from Littleton, CO.  We have big shoes to fill.  Sister LeDuc baked cakes, made beautiful hand made cards and was lots of fun.  Elder LeDuc was the first counselor to the mission president and spent a many hours interviewing and making sure all went well on Mindoro.  They showed us where to shop, how to get to the elder's apartments, and how to get to McDonalds for a Big Mac.  Great people and friends.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Mindoro, Philippines

Waiting to get our visas.  We were thankful to have a facilitator who took us through the process

Manila Traffic is no fun.  Two and a half hours to go 15 miles.  David kept asking the driver "Are we there yet?

Our new friends, the Bradshaws from Bountiful.  We spent the day with them getting all of our paperwork in order.  Great people!  They flew out to a different mission on a different island.

President and Sister Magnum drove us to our new assignment on Mindoro Island.  We are in the city of Calapan.  The island itself is beautiful, surrounded by rice fields and ocean tourist areas.  The city is small in comparison to Manila.  The traffic is less than Manila so we are starting to know how to get around and David is managing the traffic.  He is doing great at being an aggressive driver!

This was the sunset as we sailed to Mindoro.

Here is the photo of our home.  

The living room is very nice but it is like sitting in an oven so I don't think we'll ever spend much time there.

The kitchen is clean and functional.  We turn on the "air con" when we spend any time there.

The car is locked inside the gate when we come home.

We will basically be living in this room since it is air conditioned and cool.

The people and especially the children are beautiful!  Everyone is so kind and happy to have us here.  They treat us like rock stars.  The LeDucs, the couple who are leaving, have spent the last few days showing us the ropes.  They are from Denver and will be on their way home on Wednesday.  We attended a fireside last night that the sisters arranged with President Magnum.  They did a great job.  We're looking forward to assisting them in the work.  We miss you all.  We love you!